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    Training Videos

    Case Studies


    Upgrade Policy

    Reducing Vocals and Isolating an Instrument

    Customer Worldwide

    Learning Jazz by Slowing it Down - Caravan

    Amazing Slow Downer

    Creating Music Practice Loops

    Guitar riffs, solos & licks slow down

    Tempo change including slowing down music

    Drums Percussion

    Music Transcription Services

    Music file conversion


    Song Surgeon can slow down mp3 songs

    Guitar or music lesson for IPOD or MP3 Player

    Free Audio, Song, Music Downloader

    Song Snooper Help Page | Free Audio Downloader

    Riffmaster Pro vs. Song Surgeon Version 3

    Audacity vs. Song Surgeon

    Karaoke Sing Along

    Making Unlimited Metronome or Clicktracks for Your Music

    Adjustable Tempo and Key Backing Tracks

    Footpedal for hands free operation of basic SS functions

    Church Music - 100 FREE Praise and Worship Accompaniment Tracks - With Adjustable Key and Tempo

    Song Surgeon vs. Riffmaster Pro – Side-By-Side Comparison

    Slow Down Guitar Music, Riffs, Solos and Lessons

    Riffstation Comparison to Song Surgeon

    Customized Guitar Backing Tracks: Variable Tempo and Key

    Creating Karaoke Tracks: Removing or Isolating One Instrument in a Mix

    A440 and Alternative Tunings

    Audio Key and Tempo Change Samples

    Free Online Music and Audio Key and Tempo Service

    Paid Custom Key and Tempo Service

    Free (Top 100) Praise and Worship Songs

    Song Surgeon Mobile App

    Version 5 New Features List

    Automatic Beat Detection

    Automatic Key Detection

    Automatic Chord Detection

    Standard vs. PRO comparision

    Standard vs. PRO comparision

    Song Surgeon vs. Riff Station Chord Detection