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Quick Start Giude Version 2

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Below is the basic help file for Song Surgeon. It provides an overview of the main functionalities of the software


Song Surgeon Tutorial Diagram
  1. Open File Button –
    This button opens a dialogue box and allow1.s you to browse your computer and select a song (music) file to work on.
  2. Save Button –
    This button allows you to save the file you are working on using its existing file name. This button will overwrite the existing file content.
  3. Save As Button –
    This button enables you to assign a different name to the file you have been working on and save it without overwriting the content on the original file that you opened.
  4. Help Button –
    This button opens this page that you are currently reading.
  5. Rip Button –
    This button enables you to rip or transfer a file directly from a CD to your computer. A ripped song can be saved in any of the file formats supported by Song Surgeon.
  6. Pitch Control –
    When you click the plus or minus button it will change the pitch either up or down by one cent (the finest adjustment). If you click the gray line on either side of the slider it will move the pitch up or down by one semi-tone.
  7. Plus Button –
    This button when clicked will increase the slider by one unit. When held down continuously will allow the slider to continuously move until you release it.
  8. Slider Button –
    This slider indicates the current position. Sliders can be grabbed by your mouse and manually moved in any direction.
  9. Minus Button –
    This button when clicked will decrease the slider by one unit. When held down continuously will allow the slider to continuously move until you release it.
  10. Tempo –
    The function controls the temp of speed of the audio. It can be adjusted in increments of 1%. Adjustments in tempo DO NOT affect the pitch of the audio. Please note that as audio is slowed a distortion is frequently heard, which is an artifact of the way the audio was recorded. The is NOT caused by Song Surgeon.
  11. Volume –
    This allows you to adjust the volume up or down for any audio file you are working with.
  12. Vocal Reduction –
    This function enables you to dampen or reduce the prominence of a vocal in a song. How well it works depends upon how a song was recorded. You will see significant differences in its effectiveness between different songs. Generally, best results are achieved with the slide somewhere in the middle (around 130).
  13. EQ Button –
    This button, when selected, opens the equalizer window.
    Song Surgeon Loop Editor
  14. Loop Editor Button –
    This button when selected opens the loop editor.
  15. Active File Window –
    This window contains information about the file on which you are currently working.
  16. Combo Button –
    This button is a combination play, hold, stop button for the audio file you have opened.
  17. Loop Editor Window –
    This window displays the wave form of the file you currently have loaded into song surgeon. Left clicking in this window sets the beginning or start point of a loop, and is indicated in green. Right clicking sets the ending or stop point of the loop, and is indicated in Red.
  18. Loop Reset Button –
    This button resets the beginning and ending loop points back to zero.
  19. Loop Restart Button –
    This button moves the actively playing song to the starting point of the loop that you have set on the screen.
  20. Zooming Feature –
    This button when clicked intiates the zoom feature in the loop editor window. Once initiatead any left click will zoom in by 2X, so the first left click is a 2-fold zoom, the second, a 4-fold zoom, the third, and 8-fold zoom, etc. Right clicking will result in the opposite effect of zooming out. Presssing the Z key will reset the wave form to its original state.
    Song Surgeon V2 Image
  21. Equalizer Window –
    This window shows the 9 slider equalizer window.
  22. S Button –
    This button allows you to save an existing setting sequence of EQ sliders. This button will overwrite your existing settings.
  23. C Button –
    This button allows you to create a new EQ setting.
  24. X Button –
    This button will delete and existing EQ setting.
  25. Right clicking
    Song Surgeon Language Image
    anywhere on Song Surgeon screen allows you to select a language as shown in the image to the right.
  26. There are several keyboard shortcuts
    built into Song Surgeon. These are:
    H - Jump to the beginning of the song
    B - Reset the Loop Points
    N - Set the Start Loop Point
    M - Set the End Loop Point
    , - Jump to the Start Loop Point (comma key)
    . - Jump to the End Loop Point (period key)
    Up - Zoom in and center, at the current play position
    Down - Zoom out and center, at the current play position
    Z - Zoom all the way out
    Left - Fast Rewind, by 1/10th of a second
    Right - Fast Forward, by 1/10th of a second
    Mouse Button - Click on left side of wave form window, window scrolls left. Click on right side of wave form window, window scrolls right.
    Space - Toggle Play/Pause

These keyboard shortcuts were chosen by the Song Surgeon developer - who is also a musician - based on many years of experience using computer software to learn songs, and develop accurate guitar tabs. He nows how difficult it can be to have your arms wrapped around an acoustic guitar, and operate a computer with a mouse, at the same time.


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